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re: Who Am I Anyway?

I have no real reason to write this, other than that I felt like it, and a perverse need to talk about myself. Happy
I also felt like it would be a good idea to make sure my goals as a player were explained up front, so that people would know my expectations in the game, and to know what to expect of me.

Persona info: I'm 45, married, with two children. Still on the first wife, which I felt the need to mention since it's so uncommon these days.
In case you hadn't noticed, I have a tendancy to make snarky one off comments. Generally only to amuse myself, and with the small hope that it will amuse someone else. There is no malice, and even less forethought put into said comments, and I do occasionally cross the line. Feel free to give me a swift kick if I do. I can take it.

Game Goals: My current character is Lonetuna, a Smuggler/Gunslinger. He's listed as my main, but that is somewhat misleading. My plan is to make one of each class and level them to 50. I've started with the Bounty Hunter (Mercenary named Choona), and I am currently on my Smuggler (Lonetuna). Once he reaches 50 I will spend a few days farming for credits to twink out my next Republic character before moving over to my Imperial Agent (named Hydrator). I am alternation between Empire and Republic so that it gives me a good long break between the quests so that I can avoid the burn out of repetition.
While this is an MMO I find I play solo a lot, so I'm also leveling the alts for the Legacy Presence buff. +50 for all Companions maxed out isn't very noticable at level 50, but when I started my Smuggler and first got Corso it was very noticable. He tore stuff up for a good long while before I needed to replace his gear. I can't wait to see what +100 Presence will be like when I start up my Imperial Agent, +150 when I start my Trooper, and so on.
I'm doing the non-force users first, because I plan on my Jedi/Sith being my main characters (hence Lonetuna being my main being misleading); so Lonetuna, followed my my IA, followed by my Trooper ... you get the idea.

Choona still belongs with my old guild (Exiles of Azeroth), and I feel a strong desire to leave him there out of loyalty to friends I know in real life, but they no longer play Star Wars The Old Republic and I'll be asking for guild invites for the rest of my Empire charaters (and by default Repulic characters as well).

I tend to name my characters based on a theme, and since my handle is "Tuna" I tend to follow a fishy/aquatic basis. Lonetuna is my attempt to poke fun at "Han Solo", "Choona" is how one of my high school friends from Scotland pronounced my name, "Hydrator" is basically because the Chiss are blue and I couldn't think of anything else.
The rest of my characters have been created as placeholders so that I don't have to bother thinking up names at a later date.
My Trooper is named "Dolphinsafe"
My Sith Warrior is named "Thunefische" (german for Tuna Fish)
My Sith Inquisitor is named "Nexpicis" (latin for shadowfish)
My Jedi Consular is named "Too'Nafeesh" (you figure it out)
My Jedi Knight is named "Quangi" (chinse for lightfish)

If you've bothered to read this long, for the love of mercy WHY? I'm just rambling on for my own amusement. Go play the game or something. [/u]


Where are we going .... and why am I in this handbasket?
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re: Who Am I Anyway?

I appreciate you taking the time to post this. I wish more people would.

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re: Who Am I Anyway?

i think this is an awesome idea. i think everyone needs to come tell us all a little bit about themselves and how they choose their character names.

and since i'm here.......

personal info:
i'm 42, single (never married, don't ever plan to be), no kids. i do have several nieces and a nephew, though, so i do know a bit about kids and raising them as i was the one to whom my sisters turned when a babysitter was needed.
i'm hardly ever serious; in life, in games, in general. i don't like being serious as it seems to constrained. so if i say something that bothers you, just please know that i probably wasn't serious. but if you truly are offended by something i say, just tell me and i'll do my best to not do it again. i'm weird, but not unreasonable.
and if you couldn't tell by now, i don't like to use capital letters when i type (except if it's for a work-type thing or in an actual letter. it's just faster for me to type this way, so get used to it. wink
i'm a pretty big star wars fan (all my friends refuse to play star wars trivial pursuit against me), so when this game was announced all my rl friends asked me if i was gonna play it. i'd never played an mmo before so i didn't know what to expect. but since it was star wars, i was willing to give it a shot. i've been here since beta and i've been having a great time ever since.

game info:
my first toon is called wacemindu (guardian tank). i'm a samuel l. jackson fan and decided to make my first character based on his character of mace windu. as well, my legacy is named the ljackson legacy. i tired to make him look as much like slj as possible, but it's rather difficult in a game with limited sources. some of my other toons are named for characters he's played as well. i have my sentinel dps who's named afrosamuraii. i have a mercenary (dps) named lazaruss, a commando (dps) named elmo and a gunslinger (dps) named hondo.

my other toons are named with names with which i came up on my own.

they are:

erina (shadow dps) - main for this guild since it's who i was playing when i was first recruited
annaliasis (sage healer) - i originally had this name for a sorc, but decided i wanted a sage and deleted that toon and made a rep toon and gave her the same name.
diamina (sorc healer) - made me a new sorc healer for the dark side. came p with this name from.......somewhere....don't really know.
squir't (juggernaut tank) i wanted this one to have a name that was almost like an oxymoron of who he really is, simple as that.
atroxx is another smuggler that will be a scoundrel. he's only level 5 right now and i haven't played him that much so i need to get going and get him leveled up.
raze'n is me new imperial agent. i haven't yet decided which was i'm gonna go with him. he's just level6 so i have a bit of time to decide. i'm leaning towards operative since they can be quite powerful if you "build" them right.
zoriann is another guardian tank i started to see what i could do differently. i basically made him the same as wacemindu, but there are several differences between the two. i think zoriann does a bit more damage.

so that's some info about me and my toons.

any questions?
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