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re: Star Wars: Galaxies


I'm not sure if any of you ever played the late Star Wars: Galaxies. Not sure if any of you loved it or despised it. I'm not even sure anyone knows what I'm talking about or even cares. But for those of you that did, like me, I just wanted to provide a chance to reminisce.

With the Strong Holds coming in the next few months it made me think back on what really truly hooked me in to an MMO in the first place, Star Wars Galaxies. I transition from strong holds to SWG because the housing feature in that game was simply awe-inspiring.


You could customize anything you could think of. Every looted item, any armor set, many rewards and achievement pieces, could all be a potential decoration allowing for some truly inspiring interiors.

What I may have loved even more than the customization was the way housing was provided. You could not just plop up a house anywhere you so please. You had your choice of various planets, each providing different types of houses, specific to that planet. Homes on Naboo had the beautiful teal roofing. Homes on Tattooine all just appeared as a shed, but led to an underground mansion.

You could only put a home down in a sanctioned City. This city had to approve your building permit as it were. If I recall it was run by a single Mayor. Most cities were bank rolled and controlled by guilds. This is where it got me just hooked into MMOs.

With my home down, in a city with my guild, I had more a sense of immersion than ever before. Just next door was the Jedi Janxor, his home isn't the biggest but he's a great neighbor. A block away is the crafting building. Just up the street the Guild Hall where our meetings take place.

It was incredible! Even more than simply "living" amongst my guildies was the sense of duty to defend our city. Yes defend. In SWG both factions had access to the same planets. Which means your republic city may very well have been a 5 minute Barc Speeder trip away from an Imp city. You had to put up defenses, walls, turrets, station NPC soldiers to patrol your city. Else they could be destroyed.

I loved this more than playing quests or end game material in SWG. I loved logging on, seeing the Guild hall had been attacked by an Imp Guild. Rallying what guildies were online at that given moment and mounting a counter attack!

This...THIS...was MMORPG gaming to me and that is what I will always yearn for when I log on to TOR. I do not expect StrongHolds to come anywhere close to this. Infact in comparison, I may be greatly disappointed. But the thought of player housing always runs me back here. Thanks for letting me reminisce.

If any of you have stories to share about this game I'd love to hear them I get so nostalgic when I think of SWG. I stumbled across this video of the final hours of SWG where the Devs unlocked so much. They let your guild ships, personal space craft and all fly about the planets On World. I did not play in the final hours but I must say this video hits me right in the feels.

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re: Star Wars: Galaxies


good story. thanks for sharing. :)

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