Welcome to The Crimson Order!



We're an active and social guild working to offer the best available gaming experience for our fellow guildies. Variety is the spice of life so we do it all in SWTOR: PvE (Player vs Environment) and PvP (Player vs Player), Story Mode (SM) and Hard Mode (HM) Flashpoints (FP) and Operations (Ops), Galactic StarFighter (GSF), and anything and everything else the Devs can think to throw at us!


We like to keep a simple philosophy and it boils down to one word: RESPECT. Respect each other, respect yourself, and respect the guild image. The guild name appears over your character in-game and when people see that name, they associate you with a higher standard of player. Don't be that person who rage quits after one team wipe; be the one to motivate and inspire the team to try again. Don't be the one to shout "STFU! L2P no0b" but instead be the one that says "here's what you're doing wrong, let me help you fix your rotation." Basically, don't be a dick. Please keep Guild chat and Ventrilo PG-13 until 10 PM Eastern time. After 10 o'clock, we all cut loose a bit, but keep it friendly and keep it in the guild.



  • Prospect - *New Guildmates* - Promoted to Member after 30 day trial period
  • Member - Standard Rank for the casual player
  • Master Crafter - Those who choose the path of a crafter. Same privileges as member rank except they can get 50 items out of the guild bank in the crafting tab.
  • Spaceman - A rank for those who loves doing Galactic Star Fighter. Again same privileges as member rank.
  • Warrior - For those who loves PvP (arenas, duels, ranked matches, etc).
  • OPsRaider - Those who wishes to participate in OPs progression and gain this rank will have dibs on group invites. Also you can only obtain this rank IF you are available each week for the OPs.
  • Lieutenant - Committed to seeing the Guild be the best it can be by organising events, leading FP and Ops teams, recruiting new Guild members, and generally showing those qualities that set them apart as a dedicated and committed Guildmate
  • Officer - Works with the other Officers and LTs to promote the strength and quality of the Guild by leading as an example, works with the other Officers and Guild Leaders to affect policy changes, has equal vote in top-tier Guild decisions
  • Guild Leader - A Council of Leaders responsible for promoting and protecting the quality and integrity of the Guild, handles conflict resolution with a fair and objective perspective


Please help yourself. Take what you need and deposit what you don't (except for green quality gear). Items are not to be sold but to be used for the characters in the guild. One man's trash is another man's treasure. This will save you time and money that can best be used leveling up. You have a weekly repair cost (exact amount depends on your Guild Rank) so you can keep your gear in top shape. Please pay it forward and deposit some extra credits or usable gear whenever you can. Frequent usage of the guild bank benefits everyone in the long run by providing a continuous source of free and quality goods.